Taurine Seen to Boost Effectiveness of MS Therapies in Remyelination Process, Study Shows

Taurine Seen to Boost Effectiveness of MS Therapies in Remyelination Process, Study Shows

A natural metabolite called taurine may boost the effectiveness of existing multiple sclerosis (MS) therapies, researchers say.

Taurine helps oligodendrocytes, which are cells responsible for myelin production, to fully mature and activate the remyelination process of damaged nerve cells.

The findings were reported in the study, “Metabolomics-based discovery of a metabolite that enhances oligodendrocyte maturation,” published in the journal Nature Chemical Biology.

“Remission of MS symptoms is dependent on the process of remyelination, so using taurine in combination with an existing MS drug and a future remyelination-inducing treatment may help patients by improving overall efficacy,” Luke Lairson, PhD, the study’s co-lead author, said in a press release.

“This could be something to add to an MS therapeutic regime,” added Lairson, an assistant professor of chemistry at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI).

In a previous study published in the journal Nature, researchers found that Cogentin (benztropine) – a U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved therapy for Parkinson’s disease – may also benefit MS patients.


  1. Beth Walker says:

    Interested in trial using Taurine and Benztropine or Cogentin or Miconazole spray to promote cell differentiation and remyalinization for MS. I’m a.PPMS pt. (Dx’d 2010- Mayo Rochester)
    Very interested in your research- Would like to review more information- Currently, I’m an Ocrevus pt- Current western therapies don’t appear to be working-
    Thank you-

    • Loren Gonczi says:

      I’ve had MS since 2008 and they say the MS has progressed to SPMS or I’ve been misdiagnosed I’ve been progressively getting worse since dayy one they say it could be PPMS i don’t know any one who has PPMS will this work with PPMS too?

  2. Clara Stites says:

    Would love to learn more on taurine and myelin strengthening. Is there a trial?? Is there more in a newsletter or some such?

  3. Liz Rice says:

    I would love for information on Taurine. I add lots of natural approaches to my treatment, as well as take Tysabri. My high JCV# combined with almost 50 doses is challenging my treatment options. Still have hope! 😊

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