Emerald’s Cannabinoid-derived EHP-101 Enhances Remyelination in 2 MS Mouse Models

Emerald’s Cannabinoid-derived EHP-101 Enhances Remyelination in 2 MS Mouse Models

Emerald Health‘s investigational cannabidiol-derived EHP-101 reduces neuroinflammation, the risk of loss of myelin, and nerve cell damage in two mouse models of multiple sclerosis (MS), a new study shows.

These results support the potential therapeutic benefits of EHP-101 for MS, and Emerald Health Pharmaceuticals expects to launch a human clinical trial this year.

The study reporting the findings, “Hypoxia mimetic activity of VCE-004.8, a cannabidiol quinone derivative: implications for multiple sclerosis therapy,” was published in the Journal of Neuroinflammation.

Researchers investigated the effects of EHP-101 (previously known as VCE-004.8) in two clinically relevant mouse models of MS, the experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE) and the Theiler’s virus-induced encephalopathy (TMEV) models.

By administrating the therapy in the early stages of EAE disease, researchers observed that it reduced the clinical manifestations of MS.

In the TMEV mouse model, which mimics primary progressive MS (a more aggressive form of the disease), while controls showed decreased motor activity, treatment with EHP-101 brought motor activity back to normal levels.

Also, two hallmarks of MS, loss of myelin (demyelination) and nerve cell axon damage were significantly prevented with the therapy while control (untreated) mice suffered marked demyelination.

Levels of pro-inflammatory markers in both mouse models were seen to be blocked by EHP-101.

These findings support a broad-range activity of EHP-101 in improving several hallmarks of MS.

“There are no approved drugs capable of reversing MS and very limited treatment options for the more severe and progressive forms of MS. We have observed positive preclinical results with EHP-101, dramatically reversing the debilitating effects of MS in animals,” Jim DeMesa, MD, CEO of Emerald Health, said in a press release.

“Our scientists’ pioneering work provides us the opportunity to advance unique treatment regimens for different stages and forms of MS,” he added.

Eduardo Muñoz, PhD, Emerald’s chief scientific officer and professor of Immunology at the University of Córdoba, said the company’s cannabinoid derivatives “are designed to improve bioactivity and therapeutic utility of their natural precursors and it is clear that EHP-101 is achieving mechanistic outcomes that could be an important step for MS science.”


  1. Reg. Bavis says:

    I am suffering with speech and eye problems , now my ms must be active , I did not have any speech and eye issues until this year, could this be a cause for concern at present ,I do not have a doctor close by, I was in Orangeville and now I reside in Mississauge .

  2. Jan Brown says:

    I am interested in the trial. I have PPMS. It affects my mobility and balance big time. Let me knoe about this trial.

  3. Joyce says:

    I’ve had MS for over 20 years now, and I’ve been very lucky, no fast progression of the disease. I smoked quite a bit of marajuana right after I was diagnosed, and now I wonder if that might be the reason I’ve been so lucky regarding progression…

  4. Cind I Taylor says:

    I was diagnosed in 2012, but I know I have had it much longer and ignored the symptoms. I would be very interested in participating in human trial.

  5. Ron Baldwin says:

    I have been dealing with RRMS for three years now, I have been taking Aubagio for treatment, I would love to do this in a trial and find out if it would help me. I have lost a lot of control of my legs and control over my weight, I stay in pain, nothing seems to work for me. I do smoke a little here and there and it does seem to help me get to sleep and stay asleep longer.

  6. Sharon says:

    This is a step in the right direction. Just a step. The true therapeutic value of cannabis, lies in full spectrum cannabinoids. There are hundreds of cannabinoids within cannabis that work synergistically with each other. CBD(Cannabidiol) has wonderful medical value,… but it works SO much better when in harmony with the other cannabinoids. I’m lucky enough to live in a state with a medical cannabis program, & one that allows us to use the flower, not a derivative. I tried derivatives with little to no success. My state’s MMP has allowed me to participate in my life again. Cannabis needs to be rescheduled from a Schedule 1 class drug now.

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