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Research Reveals Another Possible Epstein-Barr Virus Link to MS

Research Reveals Another Possible Epstein-Barr Virus Link to MS


Editor’s note: To learn more about the link between the Epstein-Barr virus and MS, read Ed’s May 2020 column titled “More Evidence Links Epstein-Barr Virus to MS.”

For years researchers have believed a link exists between the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) and multiple sclerosis. But scientists have had a hard time finding a precise association.

Now, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) are reporting another possible connection. Researchers at the Center for Autoimmune Genomics and Etiology at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center have found a viral protein in EBV-infected cells. They think that the protein may turn on a “switch” that activates genes that are associated with an increased risk of autoimmune diseases. MS, of course, is an autoimmune disease.

Most people are infected with EBV. According to the Centers for Disease Control, it’s one of the most common human viruses. It usually appears in early childhood and its symptoms are generally very mild or don’t appear at all. But the EBV infection remains with people.

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Scientists know that the EBV infection can produce a protein called EBNA2. In this new research, they found that EBNA2 activates some of the human genes associated with the risk of lupus and several other autoimmune diseases, including multiple sclerosis. Simply put, it flips that autoimmune disease “switch.”

“These findings suggest that EBV infection in cells can actually drive the activation of these genes and contribute to an individual’s risk of developing the disease,” said lead researcher John B. Harley, MD, PhD, in an NIH news release.

And that means more hope for new MS treatments and maybe even a cure.

Daniel Rotrosen, MD, director of the Division of Allergy, Immunology, and Transplantation at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, added that “now that we understand how EBV infection may contribute to autoimmune diseases in some people, researchers may be able to develop therapies that interrupt or reverse this process.”

Wouldn’t that be nice?

The journal Nature Genetics published the detailed research findings.

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Note: Multiple Sclerosis News Today is strictly a news and information website about the disease. It does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website. The opinions expressed in this column are not those of Multiple Sclerosis News Today or its parent company, BioNews Services, and are intended to spark discussion about issues pertaining to multiple sclerosis.

Diagnosed with MS at age 32 in 1980, Ed has written the “MS Wire” column for Multiple Sclerosis News Today since August 2016. He presents timely information on MS, blended with personal experiences. Before retiring from full-time work in 2012, Tobias spent more than four decades in broadcast and on-line newsrooms as a manager, reporter, and radio news anchor. He’s won several national broadcast awards. As an MS patient communicator, Ed consults with healthcare and social media companies. He’s the author of “We’re Not Drunk, We Have MS: A tool kit for people living with multiple sclerosis.” Ed and his wife split time between the Washington, D.C. suburbs and Florida’s Gulf Coast.
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Patrícia holds her PhD in Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases from the Leiden University Medical Center in Leiden, The Netherlands. She has studied Applied Biology at Universidade do Minho and was a postdoctoral research fellow at Instituto de Medicina Molecular in Lisbon, Portugal. Her work has been focused on molecular genetic traits of infectious agents such as viruses and parasites.
Diagnosed with MS at age 32 in 1980, Ed has written the “MS Wire” column for Multiple Sclerosis News Today since August 2016. He presents timely information on MS, blended with personal experiences. Before retiring from full-time work in 2012, Tobias spent more than four decades in broadcast and on-line newsrooms as a manager, reporter, and radio news anchor. He’s won several national broadcast awards. As an MS patient communicator, Ed consults with healthcare and social media companies. He’s the author of “We’re Not Drunk, We Have MS: A tool kit for people living with multiple sclerosis.” Ed and his wife split time between the Washington, D.C. suburbs and Florida’s Gulf Coast.

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  1. Rhonda Danielson says:

    Interesting; however, how viable is this?#peopleb4profits. we need an MS CURE. no more dmts, no more drug co profits at the expense of my/our life & health. we need a CURE. we need it today, not “tomorrow/someday”.

    • Dorothy Levinson says:

      My husband was diagnosed in 1969. I read an article in our newspaper that said MS cure prediicted by 1972. Forty-eight years later I am still waiting for a cure. How did this country go so wrong with the health of our nation’s people. The drug companies charge so much that many people cannnot afford the medicine they need. Many medicines can have terrible side effects but are fast tracked for sale to the public. Billions of dollars have been
      collected to find cures for many diseases. Where are the cures? Greed has taken over our country and we want americans to matter again

      • Tracy Madera says:

        I believe it’s the government that controls everything. They control the drug companies the dr’s get a kick back on the meds they push and right. And as a MS WARRIOR for the last 17 years and I’m only gonna be 44 in a week I know and you know and all the dr’s know and for sure the drug companies know dealing with all we deal with we can’t function without meds yet the meds are killing our Bodies not to mention all the rx drug addictions and deaths. This country has been spinning out of control for a very long time. Yet nothing is being done nor as regular citizens our hands are kinda tied to. Unless the country would come together as one and take our country back. Sorry to hear about ur husband

        • Barb says:

          I too believe our gov’t has a lot to do with it, AND the drug companies and “Big Pharma”, as ‘they’ call it… :'(

          • tamie leahy says:

            Your right barb! the MS society and big pharma make so much money off the drugs they are giving the MS patients that are not helping but killing them off. I have a Personal family member that has greatly helped MS called prokarin, Elaine DeLack come up with a more natural formula that was helping ms patients, she has ms and since taking her own formula she has been very healthy, but because she could never afford the millions to get it pattened? They all shut her down like a little mouse! And she did all the studies and everything she was to do and still she was not able to get it pushed threw between pharma, and the Ms society, i just had a friend told me yesterday her sister in law 58, passed the drugs killed her, by weakning her heart and other parts of her body, just sickning no need for this!!!

          • Twila says:

            My niece has always amazed me with her independence. A single mom raising her children on her own, always worked while putting herself through nursing. She was diagnosed with MS. She always looks so healthy and still works as a nurse.I hope for a cure 🧡

        • Stacy says:

          OMG….I have been sating the same thing will be 41 soon and have had this since early 20’s…gov’t controls everything…I told my kids the disease including cancer are population control put out by the gov’t…lol they think I”m crazy!!

          • Klara Krista says:

            You’re not crazy. The general population has been conditioned to think that those of us that say things like this are crazy. It’s called gaslighting, btw. But we aren’t crazy. And more of us ARE WAKING UP TO THE TRUTH. Main stream medical organizations are OWNED by big pharma. Conflict of interest much?? The “studies” that are published by main stream medical organizations are bogus. Don’t believe this crap.

        • Susan says:

          Your are so right. Many years ago when I was first diagnosed which is 30 yrs ago I over heard my Dr talking with one of the drug companies rep that if he wanted him to push his drug the he wanted a trip to Hawaii for his whole family and some of his staff and the rep said no problem you got it. I always wondered why he would give one drug to one person and another to someone else who was first diagnosed . Now I knew it was so he could have all the companies in his back front and side pockets to get all he wanted with no care at all to his patients. Greed it is such a very big sin.

        • Diana Roberts says:

          You are wrong. The government doesn’t control the drug companies. The drug companies control our government!

      • Eileen Maloney says:

        You are so right…. Hmmm, a cure? Well, I think these major drug companies don’t want that to happen, then where will they be?

      • cheryl says:

        I have been saying the same thing for 38 years. It’s a scam from the major drug companies. A cure would mean a great loss of money for them.

      • Long says:

        Try colloidal silver. It is anti-viral. Also, try kefir. It is probiotics that is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral.

      • Lisa says:

        Drug companies only bring to market those drugs which TREAT not eradicate/cure. It’s a free market…and no law can force morals

      • Xanna says:

        I have had MS for 25 years. I believe they are not looking in the right place for answers. I had to have my thymus gland removed when I was seven. Apparently there was an issue since birth. It was growing too fast and too big for my chest. My parents were told that it was like the appendix and really didn’t do anything. Now, we know that it does have a purpose. It help from our immune system. The problem is that as we get older it shrinks in size. By adulthood it is either very very small or can even “disappear.” Since onset of MS is primarily in adults there is nothing to test or find. The first year of my life was spent in and out of the hospital for unexplained kidney/bladder problems. They had no idea what was wrong or causing it. So they would push I.V. antibiotics and I would get better. After the first year, I had no other issues at all with it, until I had MS. That is my primary life altering symptom of MS. I’m not sure how they can ever research this issue because basically folks would have to allow their infants and children to be studied/biopsied.

      • Connie Kemp says:

        Know how you feel. I was diagnosed with it in 78….was 32. Told by doctors up at Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota….not to worry …..there should be a cure by the time I reach my 40th birthday. Here I am going to be 74 and NO cure. 😢

    • Keven mccord says:

      I had Epstein-Barr in the 8th grade my entire school was shut down and steam cleaned due to a huge outbreak of Epstein-Barr. Like 90% of the students ended up getting ill. Ps I went to south Allegheny jr sr high in Pittsburgh pa

    • Jocelyn says:

      I was diagnosed with ‘Mono’ at 16 years of age & had a genetic connection for MS (my uncle had MS) & enjoyed living a stressfilled life until my own diagnosis in my 30’s – presumably a trifeca or ‘perfect storm” of causal features.

    • Deborah Dudley says:

      My granddaughter had the ebv at 14 and came down with ms at 15. By 16 she was on the meds we were so hurt. So young. Stem cell is what should cure it. But they not really looking into it. The insurance doesn’t want to pay for it. This is not right

    • Lisa Marie Percell-Catanzaro says:

      I agree Rhonda Danielson ! Lived thru my beloved Mothers MS (May she RIP) and now my son has MS. Find a cure !

  2. Linda Phillips says:

    It’s very nice research, another virus that triggers MS…..I believe that people with certain genes relating to autoimmune diseases, when their vitamin d levels are low, and they become under stress or attack from any virus or bacteria, can develop MS or any other autoimmune disease……haven’t yet worked out why one disease is activated over another, or in most cases, people have more than one autoimmune disease …….example …..a lot of people with MS have psoriasis……just my opinion ……….

      • Nancy Sanders says:

        My daughter has MS & has controlled it for the last year & a half by staying on a Keto diet. She hurts badly if she goes off of it for even one day. She smoked & has had some extreme stressors in her life. My husband’s family has several people with MS in it. I don’t know if she ever had EBV or mono.

    • DeAnna says:

      I’ve heard that stress triggers auto immune diseases. I 100% agree. I know I got M.S. the year after my child passed away. I know theres a connection there somewhere.

      • Peggy says:

        I agree Deanna. Mine happened too. Our 2 week old baby died (SIDS) and then my father less than a yr apart. Then MS

      • Katherine says:

        I had three brothers pass away within a 12 week period – 2 of them with 48 hours of each other – it was due to the stress that my diagnosis was finally made – MRI shows I have lesions in both my Brain, and throughout my spine. I developed back pain that wouldn’t go away – and wasn’t relieved by typical Rx (flexeril). Since my diagnosis – I’ve been switched to Baclofen – it works wonders – as long as I take it, my back pain is managed. I am the only person, on either side of my family, with MS. EBV + but did not have Mono – DNA tested 100% European. (75% British, with some Irish and Wales mixed in)

    • Karen says:

      Absolutely correct on the vitamin d , I had one or the worst cases of chicken pox in my neighborhood, and got Ms after a diagnosis of arthritis and now 2 first cousins have it. (Ms) or parents are all siblings (the only siblings) and each one has a daughter with Ms. Hmm got off all the meds and increased my vitamin d , now they tell me I’m in remission

      • Denise says:

        As a child I had chicken pox also, diagnosed with MS at the age of 44. Now I’m 58 and deciding not to take the medication was the best decision I could’ve ever made, tried 2 meds but totally altered my thoughts and speech.

      • Beverly Jean says:

        Karen,my situation is quite similar to yours. My mother had two sisters. Each of those 3 sisters had a child who was diagnosed with MS.

  3. Barry Bowser says:

    I think I will be diagnosed with MS How do I get the blood test. I am a veteran. I do want this long drawn out process to continue.

    • Ed Tobias says:

      Hi Barry,

      I think your question about a blood test and your diagnosis are better asked of your neurologist. Unfortunately, MS isn’t an easy disease to diagnose so it may take more time than you’d like.


      • Tracy says:

        Barry, it’s very true about taking so long, I have had symptoms all my life, but my lesions didn’t lite up enough until my mid 30’s. So grey matter count in my book and they have been working hard enough to help us protect it yet.

    • DeAnna says:

      MRI of the brain and spinal cord I think is you best option. The spinal tap is NOT a very accurate indication bc a lot of people don’t show positive results even if they do have m.s.

      • BJ says:

        I will dealing with MS for 11 years as of July 2018. I had many tests – MRI of the brain – without and with contrast, spinal tap/lumbar puncture, blood work. The test that was able to confirm MS in comparison to the first diagnosis of a metastatic brain tumor was a PET Scan. Once confirmed, I was placed on a once-a-week injection of Avonex. Helped me to get back on track so that I am somewhat stable and able to function with the assistance of a cane when necessary. Blessings to all that struggle to fight this fight each and every day.

      • Patricia says:

        I had a MRI and it showed many white spots or lesions all across my frontal lobe the dr said they are just t.i.a minni strokes could these lesions be linked to ms?? Having alot of problems with muscle spasms mostly in my legs and feet and neuropathy. What kind of dr and tests do I need to find out??

    • Janet Morgan says:

      Brain MRI good indicator, and must be read by expert. Johnson’s criteria is a baseline, and has further been updated with mores specific details and descriptions of lesions. Also spine MRI. Look for lesions in both.

    • Lisa Peterson says:

      Barry, it’s more than a blood test. You need a neurologist who’ll give you a Lumbar Puncture in the spine to look at the proteins & an MRI with & without contrast of the brain & spine. Your Dr will see if plaques exist. Good luck!

      • Amanda says:

        I have protiens plaque and white matter in my scan but say i dont have MS its all due to my lupus and other autoamune

    • Monica Davis Rodriquez says:

      Would this new development be something that would be considered for people with NMO also. For I was first diagnosed with MS in 2002 but later found out I have NMO.

  4. Sally Bartczak says:

    I am Sally Bartczak I have MS since I was 24 years old. I had two children and pregnant with my third child. After having her I had three more children and felt so good being pregnant with no symptoms of MS !
    After I could not get pregnant do to my age I have had many symptoms. Why?

      • Peggy says:

        I believe there is a connection between MS and the Epstein Barr virus. Along wirh stress. I am 1 of 7 children but the only 1that has MS And had this virus in college.

    • Bartłomiej says:

      Estriol produced intensively during third trimester has very important role in this case. It protects organism from MS.

    • Janet Morgan says:

      I believe that it has to do with Prolactin. I was “blessed” with a Prolatctinoma -a pituitary tumor producing pregnancy hormone Prolactin – it helps with remylenization. Unfortunately research only in rats. My tumor “burned out” and now signs of MS. I strangely wish for my 20 year protecting tumor back! Still in process of MS Diagnosis…HUMAN TRIAL/PHARMA PROLACTIN TREATMENT WELCOME!

    • Tracy says:

      Sally, they body turns off the immune system because the baby is really a foriegn body growing in you for nine months. So your body won’t attack the fetus and so on your body won’t attack itself. Hope that helps

    • Marie Horan says:

      Sally Bartczak I have heard MANY times that women with MS always feel better when they’re pregnant. I don’t know why, but it seems to be quite common.

    • Tawnya says:

      MS is a heightened immune system, so while your pregnant, your immune system is naturally a bit lower keeping the MS in check

  5. Marion Wilcken says:

    I’ve MS for 7yrs…I will be 71 next month. MS is in my family history…My Dad and my younger sister. As I look back probably 10 yrs. before it became full blown in 1 day I did have symptoms on and off..severe dizzy spells, fatigue, optic neuritis in 1 eye and the last left sided weakness.
    I had the flu shot and about 6 weeks later 1 day at work numbness started in my feet and by the end of the day it was up to my epstein-barr. Long story short I was in the hospital for 1 month ( no diagnosis) A year and a half later found the right neuro and got my diagnosis. I always wish I had never had the flu shot!

    • Nettie says:

      I was diagnosed with MS back in 1995 at the age of 26 after the birth of my daughter and my father’s stroke. I had a very similar experience like you. Woke up one morning with numb feet and went to work but as the day went on the feeling moved up to my waist then my chest. I was in the hospital for a week. At first they thought Gillian Barrett or lymes. Then they found white matter on my brain MRI and oligoclonal bands in my spinal tap fluid but were not convinced it was MS. So they diagnosed me with transverse myelitis and put me on steroids. I had no strength in my legs for months. My legs have remained weak ever since. I went to another neurologist for a 2nd opinion. He did more MRI’s and diagnosed me with MS. I had to move due to my husbands job and my new neurologist said I didn’t have MS. I have just lived with my pain and weakness and underwent more tests. The doctors swear I’m fine. I’ve had every test done.
      I would love to know who your neurologist is? It’s been really hard finding doctors that believe me. I know it’s not in my head. I have many other problems that suggest MS. I am now 50 years old.
      Thank you for listening 🌻

      • joe says:

        maybe you have ME/CFS. Its similar to MS but without the loss of balance and other neurological issues. I have CFS and my legs are weak and fatigue easily. Do you get lightheaded when standing for a while or brain fog?

      • Katherine says:

        Have you had an MRI of the brain, w/o and w/Contrast? Also, it’s important to include the spine in the MRI. Have you had your Vitamin D checked? I’m 51 and was diagnosed 2 weeks ago – but I’ve been having symptoms since about 2013…

    • IRENE TSAKOS says:

      I had the same symptoms as you after the flu shot in 1976…first the numbness..hospitalized for test..symptoms went away…then optic neuritis.
      Then in 1979 gave birth to twins…symptoms came back in 1980. Went to another neurologist who said he spoke to my previous doctor and they concluded I has MS.
      AFTER A COUPLE OF MONTHS….Symptoms were gone and never came back.Never got another flu shot . Last year my dr wanted to give me a flu shot . I told him my story and he said..forget it! He told me I might of had GUILLIAN BARR SYNDROME ..(not sure if speaking is correct ..looked it up..says..could be bc of flu shot

  6. Eliza More says:

    I find this very interesting. I was diagnosised with EBV in college, was very sick for several months slept like 18 hours a day. My then boyfriend had no problems at all…fast forward 8 years he was diagnosised with MS. Did he perhaps get EBV?? almost 20 yrs later and I have never had a relapse or anything maybe some fatigue thats it but he who never exhibited anything now has exacerbations occasionally.

    • Anon says:

      Yeh that’s ex’s grama had MS, I got MS while we were together, the girl after me got lupus!! Another ex’s aunt had MS, it’s def a virus combined w/genetics as many fam members have auto immunes…

      • hermitress says:

        You might want to check out the Medical Medium. I know the spirit connection threw me so I did not read any of his books. Then I happened upon an audio book of his and what he believes makes so much sense to me. Basically, this whole autoimmune everything is BS. Our bodies do not simply attack our cells. There is something in that invades our cells (virus, fungus, mold or bacteria) and that is what our bodies are attacking. I have never believed that our body is attacking itself. Period. He believes that there are over 60 versions of the Epstein-Barr virus and many of our so called chronic illnesses are different manifestation and stages of EBV. Mono is EBV also. Can’t hurt to read up on how to take care of EBV that almost all of us have lurking in our bodies. Also he has numerous free audio courses and seminars if you google Medical Medium.

  7. Catee says:

    15 years before MS reared uts ugly head I had a Epstein Barr test result hugher than any doctor had seen.
    I worked for a group of them who shared my numbers with fellow doctors abd none had ever seen numbers like mine. Lucky me
    I now have 5 autoimmune diseases. Still confusing doctors, medical anomoly as I have been called
    Took 26 doctors to dx that I was allergic to myself! Long story Stumped the CCF.

    • Ed Tobias says:

      Hi Catee,

      I’m sorry to hear of all that you’ve been through. But your attitude seems good. Maybe you should turn your “long story” it a book. :-).


  8. Carol Catania says:

    My daughter has MS. She was first diagnosed with Lyme disease, treated for Lyme and in the process of getting the Lyme disease diagnosis which she had(we still have the ticK)the Epstein Barr virus showed up on her testing. She was first diagnosed in 1996 for Lyme. Her doctor at UCLA treated her for a very long time,and during that time is when the EBV showed up in her lab work. Her MS is now in the progressive stage, she is wheelchair bound. Hoping and praying that the EBV discovery will lead to a cure.

      • Carol Catania says:

        Yes, she has considered Ocrevus. and debating about that. she would need another MRI ( she has had so many) that is one of the reasons she is holding back, plus the side effects. Thank you for your information and concern. Sincerely Carol

        • cheryl says:

          I was diagnosed 38 years ago. 14 years ago, I started on Copaxone. I now have (knock on wood) no active disease shown in my last two MRI’s. The drawback to this med is blood clots in my lungs. So blood thinners. UCK.

        • Jennifer says:

          I was told all through my 20’s I had either MS or ankylosing spondylitis. I was on liads of steriods and biologics which made me violently ill. I had chickenpox with viral menengitis and also severe case of Mono when I was a teenager. To date at age 39 both diagnoses were taken off the table. All docs can say is that all my pregnancies may have triggered all the ms like symptoms but still no answers.I also have type O neg blood (RH neg) which doesn’t help my labs at all. All I know is my immune system has never been the same since I was a teen.

      • Lisa Schultz says:

        I was diagnosed over 25 years ago. I was constantly told I was so young to have MS I was only 26. Somebody forgot to tall my body. 😊 I just turned 51 and am bedridden
        I was told I never had Mono or Epstein Barr. I am currently taking Ocrevus. (4th drug I’ve tried) seeing my neurologist Tuesday, after three MRIs. My father and his cousin have/had MS. I keep praying no one else in my family will be affected.

    • Janell Long says:

      I was diagnosed with chronic Lymes and a coinfection from a tick about 5 months ago. I went to a Lymes literate doctor who also found EBV in my blood ( I had a mild case of mono when I was about 15 ). Since my Lymes treatments, I have continued muscle pain and increased spasms and cramping and increased difficulty swallowing. I have confirmed inflammation in my right eye and cognitive issues. I’m cold all the time, especially my hands. I have flare ups where I get pins and needles, burning, itching, numbness and crawling sensations on my skin all over my body. My Lymes literate doctor says his treatments can take a year to heal the nerve damage but due to the increase in the other symptoms like swallowing and muscle spasms/cramping, I’m concerned that the Lymes may have triggered MS or fibromyalgia. Traditional doctors just push pills at you that often create new symptoms. I have had to beg to go see a specialist to look into this and it’s beyond rediculous. I had to change doctors several times to be heard. I finally found one that referred me to a rheumatologist and I will be going in June. Until then, I continue to log my symptoms. My Lymes doctor told me that I have had Lymes for a long time. I can remember having joint pain, extreme fatigue, severe neck pain, and many other symptoms since I was in my early 20’s. I am in my 40’s now. I suffered so long and was ignored by doctors, told it was just a stress. I struggled to take care of my children and enjoy life with them. I always knew something was wrong, something the doctors weren’t picking up on. Since Lymes treatments I have had no joint pain, no more neck pain/daily headaches, and the extreme fatigue has been lifted! Thank God! Now I just need to figure out why I have all these muscle issues! Looking forward to the visit to the rheumatologist. Praying for answers!

  9. Jami Wetzel says:

    I had mono when I was 10 years old and then again when I was 40. Prior to having mono at 40, I felt completely normal with plenty of energy. I was never the same after having mono the second time. My energy level was low after having mono. I was diagnosed with MS at age 43. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I became symptomatic for MS after having mono and that it was my turning point with my health.

    • Frances McGown says:

      Jami , I am 76 and do not have MS but had mono in college, was in the hospital, had a relapse and had to drop out. Then I got it again my second year of teaching. I was never the same after having it in college. I am beginning to say I am a “mono”long hauler that some are calling themselves after not recuperating from Covid

  10. Marilyn says:

    This is so interesting. I was diagnosed with EBV in 1983. In 2007 I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease….although NOT MS. I was so sick with the virus in 83, it took me 2 years to get my energy back. I’m very careful to not get stressed and also important….eat 3 meals a day but if I do go through a stressful time I make sure I get plenty of sleep. It seems to be working for me. I hope they can figure this out completely someday for our grandchildren’s sake. I have always felt the EBV was the beginning of all my problems. I believe it could have flipped a switch!

  11. Jilly says:

    I had never heard of the Epstien Barr virus until I got sick with MS. After a bit of study on the topic ESB virus was a hot topic for me. I had never heard of it before. It’s also known as the Kissing Disease (mono), that’s why it’s so common but not many people have even heard of it. I certainly didn’t know of it.
    But I beleive the ESB virus is responsible for many illnesses, as it lurks and hides until stress or trauma happens to you. I got MS after tramua due to 2011 earthquakes and the aftermath. To this day I am still in the aftermath. Anyway, those are my thoughts and thanks, good topic.

  12. Gary Cremin says:

    My partner used to have glandular fever.
    Interesting vitamin D is good for MS and it reduces EBV levels. Coincidence?
    EBV and smoking a common trigger for MS. I’ve stopped smoking now but its bad for EBV and MS too

  13. Cheryl says:

    Cancer, MS, Diabetes, and the list goes on. Pharmaceutical companies make disgustingly huge amounts of money off of sick people with “incurable” diseases. Why is there no cure or better medications??? If you stay sick, they make more money. I’m truly disgusted at this practice of “Money over Humanity.”

  14. Michele says:

    The scientists need to work for the insurance companies, not the drug companies. Then we’ll have a cure instantly.

  15. Julie says:

    Everyone on here needs to start researching GMO’s. I have Celiac Disease. They are putting pesticides in our food when they genetically alter it. There are ties to this and our autoimmune illnesses. The pharmaceutical companies have merged with the food industry. You are all correct when you say it’s about money. They are changing how God made our food.

  16. Sheri says:

    Interesting…this is this first time I’ve seen a commentary that is exactly what I have experienced and been telling people ( to their disbelief sometimes). I had EBV and was diagnosed with MS in 1994. I have been able to keep symptoms of both at bay by managing exposure to virus’s and / or controlling them with vitamin D and herbal remedies.

  17. Angie says:

    I had a severe case of mono in 4th grade. I was out of school for 4 months. Years went on, I’m 49 now and 2 years ago I joined the gym and was working out like crazy ” over doing it” plus my dad was sick on and off in and out of the VA, he was finally diagnosed with acute leukemia and I took care of him until he passed ( 4weeks and 1 day) my whole world done a body basically just shut down, my mono has been reactived for 2 years straight, I went to see a Rhuemotologist and it took them almost a year to diagnose me with sjogrens, symptomatic to lupus and neuropathy. At this time I didnt know my mono was reactivated and started on immuno depressant meds and I stayed sooo sick and my immune system was shot. I came off of those meds and I went to see a oncologist/Hematologist he put me on valtrex 500mg twice a day and I’m suppose to get rechecked in a few months with my mono. I have alot of chronic fatigue, joint pain, now my muscles are starting to hurt. Constant hip pain, reynauds. Congenital Disc disease, 4 bulding disc in my neck to in lower back, chronic sinusitis, I keep sinus headaches and I keep sores in my mouth, ears burn. ETC..
    I can keep going and still hold down a full time job. I’m a RMA at a OB/ GYN office and I just dont know how much more I can take. I love working out but my body just wont let me, it just shuts down, which brings me into depression, I’ve gain all my weight back that I worked so hard to get off. I was 160 and it took me about 10 to 11 months to get down to 128 and now I’m back to 170. All I do is work and come home and eat, put PJ’s on and do it all over again. This all is very depressing to me because I’m a very out going person, played ball all my life and working out, being with friends! I’ve isolated myself and just feel horrible! HELP! Wonder if i could be developing MS??

    • Ed Tobias says:

      Hi Angie,

      I’m sorry for all that you’ve been going through.

      I’m not a medical professional so I can’t speak to whether MS is causing some of these symptoms. The best I can do is to suggest that you contact a neurologist who is an MS specialist. (I think it’s important that you see a specialist because, unfortunately, many general neurologists don’t seem to know beans about MS). Let him or her provide an answer to your question.


      • Allie says:

        My mom was diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease at the age of 32 in 1961. (Some research shows that lymphomas, especially HD are also linked to EBV). During this time she had five children at home, and all of us contracted different and some the same EBV related illnesses, i.e., mono, chicken pox, strep throat, tonsillitis, reumatic fever, etc. Three of us had our tonsils removed on the same day, while my mom was in the same hospital on a different floor fighting for her life with aplastic anemia from the treatment for the HD. By the grace of God my mom survived and lived to be 82, and my brother survived the rheumatic fever. My mom had four more children (a total of 9) and we have all suffered with EVB related illnesses throughout are lives. I had my tonsils out at age six, acute mono at seven (I remember the nurse coming from the county to take my blood) and mono again at 17 (tutored at home for several months) and again at 35. EBV levels high now at 60. Unfortunately, these same EVB linked illnesses are showing up in our children and grandchildren, i.e., Celiac Disease, MS, CFS/ME, rhuemitoid arthritis, spondylothesis, etc. It’s a terrible virus that will affect our family for generations.

        • Ed Tobias says:

          Hi Allie,

          I’m sorry for all of the medical problems that have run through your family but I appreciate your sharing all of this information. I think it will be interesting and useful to many readers here.


  18. Pam says:

    They have been promising a cure for this and many things while suffering humanity become the chess player/pawn. As yet, only talk, nothing produced except expectations that amount to nothing while the BIG PHARMA companies rack in the $$$$$$$. Who is any one kidding…..

  19. Sherry says:

    I am interested in your site but can’t scroll through a single article without popups and when I try to close them they pop right back up. Tooooooooo annnnnoooyyyinggggg

  20. Margie says:

    All comments here are so informative. My family history shows signs of Mono, EBV, Lupus, MS… All 6 of my sisters & I have had very low levels of Vit D. Eating clean for many years has made much of an improvement in my joint & muscle pain. I’m thankful for the reminders on this feed how stress is a trigger to so much that hurts us. Thank you.

  21. Lisa W. says:

    I am 56, ebv over 30yrs, remission achieved w high protein/low carb diet and low stress daily exercise. Now my daughter same journey at 29, severe bradycardia/tachycardia,random extreme symptoms of diagnosed ebv and autonomic dysfunction, unable to work 2 yrs with endless er, lab, procedure, radiology, consults, and yet specialty care reverted back to general md/ neurology who stated unable to treat and provide info to attain disability benefits. What about issue of family/others needed taking to appts, managing incomplete/wrong medical records, providing debilitating financial assistance or complete support that our current healthcare system ignores?

  22. Chelsea Newell says:

    I’m 23 and I had EBV 7 times (or flare ups of it since it stays in the body) from the time I was 11 to 19. I am constantly tired and fatigued but I have a low thyroid as well. I have a lot of chronic pain in my joints and limbs. I also have a large spot on the left side of my back that goes numb and tingly (the spot has been steadily growing for the past few years). My left eye also hurts terribly from time to time and it hurts when I move my eyes. I also get muscle spasms. Are these symptoms congruent with anyone else’s? Should I see a Dr. about MS?

    • Perry Singletary says:

      I had EBV for three years. When I finally healed from EBV, Other symptoms came and made me very, very ill for a year after, still couldn’t work or move- I knew it was something different, not EBV, and finally figured out I developed severe food intolerances I believe we’re caused by the EBV. My chronic fatigue, restless leg, muscle spasms, and many other debilitating symptoms went away after eliminating dairy, wheat, soy. Food intolerances are hard to test for. It’s easier to do elimination diet and reintroduce foods one at a time. Like the whole 30 diet. Could be worth looking into.

  23. Kathy Latimer says:


  24. Heidi K says:

    Look up Terry Wahls MD.
    She is a Dr with MS who went from a recumbent wheel chair to walking, running, bicycling and living life normal again. She had a Tedx talk on YouTube.
    Also Medical Medium Anthony William has been explaining for years it’s the EBV virus. His gift is from Spirit. His books are amazing!
    Both of them use diet to recover your gut which is your second brain.
    God Bless and heal us all.

  25. Dawn says:

    BlG Pharma, Big Agriculture, Big Government
    Vaccines – loaded with terrible additives and too many vaccines have side effects for some with low immune or gene mutations.
    GMO food along with chemicals like round up.
    Add that together = autoimmune, cancers

  26. Kay says:

    I was diagnosed with the aid of brain scans and a spinal tab with M.S. back in 1981 after a sudden bout of severe numbness on the right side of my body, treated with steroids, then vision problems in 1982 again treated with steroids. I was a busy young Mom of 3, having lost 2 other babies in infancy and running a home childcare with 8-10 kiddos under 5, I also then worked the 11pm -7:30am at the hospital 3 nights a week, on the school board, president of PTA and leader of 2 scout troops. I slept very little thus the M.S. attack. I have been very fortunate, since 1982 at age 31 and another baby I have experience only mild numbness, sometimes some tingling, a shaky right hand or foot drop when I get really physically worn out or emotionally stresses. I am a workaholic who does a lot of physical work for long hours. My neurologist back in 1981 was an older (about 80 yrs.) doctor who was very wise and ahead of his time, told me that his theory was that M.S. was an autoimmune disease caused by the same or very similar virus that causes, Chickenpox, Epstein Barr, Cold sores, Shingles, Psoriasis and a few other disorders. He said that most individuals were exposed to this particular virus in early childhood. He said that the markers for this virus which are stored in the spinal column are apparent in over 85% of the population. Most people never show symptoms of MS but symptoms of MS or other diseases can be activated in some people usually brought on by physical or emotional stress. I might add that I had Chicken Pox at age 6 mo., shingles at 5yrs. (generally only seen in adults), Mono at 16 yrs. M.S. at 31 yrs. and Shingles again at 63 and I have mild psoriasis. At 66 yrs I’m still a very active, otherwise healthy workaholic. Still only sleep 6-7 or less hrs in 24. Note, I grew up in a small town,44 students in my grade school class of which at least 6 that I am aware of, have been diagnosed with M.S. Many others close to my age group that grew up there have suffered from other auto-immune diseases such as sclaroderma, Crohns, Celiac disease and others. Makes me wonder what virus we might have been exposed to?!? Maybe my old neurologist was onto something!!!

  27. Darla says:

    I’m a firm believer that the virus from the measles is related to multiple sclerosis. As per my mom I had the German measles before I was 6 weeks old. I have had measles at least four times that I have been told. I’m the youngest and only one in my family with this horrific disease. I hope more research can be done . maybe these researchers can contact those of us who have had the measles. I would totally give my blood so they can test

    • GiGi says:

      My mom feels the same about the German measles with my sister who had MS at 16 and died at 52
      We also grew up in a small town with several chemical plants nearby. Many people we grew up with now have MS or other autoimmune diseases. I have Crohn’s, Adrenal Insufficiency,Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis, POTS,Autonomic Dysfunction, insulin resistance and several other issues
      Our other sister has kidney disease, imflammatory bowel disease,hypothyroidism, and diabetes, my mom has ulcerative colitis,asthma,insulin resistance,heart disease, my dad had prostate cancer, high blood pressure, and a triple bypass.

  28. Gaby says:

    hello, I got ms in 2009 I was 21 years old but before that I had got shingles at 18 years old. Is that maybe a connection? To why I got ms.

  29. Alma says:

    My daughter had Mono when she was 14 and actually had it again and now has Epstein Barr . There are times when she can barely get out of bed but she has to because she’s an adult now is 20 years older and has a job. I’ve been concerned for her health for years ,no one should be as exhausted as she is and even the Mayo Clinic can’t find what’s wrong with her . Now is see this report and it really concerns me ,she just got married and they want a baby soon . I hope she doesn’t have MS.

  30. My neurologist has been doing research on MS since he graduated as a neurologist in 1972. He said this many years later they still don’t have the exacts of it all. They know it’s auto-immune in nature,its viral in nature,they believe something in the environment triggers it,they don’t know what that is. When I told him that we needed to find a cure, without hesitation he looked right at me and said we need to know what causes it and then we’ll have the cure! He’s a top researcher to date!

    • Ed Tobias says:

      Hi Kandance,

      It sounds as if you have a top neuro. My feeling is that on the way to the cure we need to find a way to remyelinate our nerves. There’s plenty of research to be done!


  31. MSMamabear says:

    The key word in the title of this article is ‘another’. My questions are, HOW MANY are needed before the due attention, money and research is put into DOING something about the already KNOWN fact that EBV and MS are related? We’ve known this since the early 90’s!! I am thoroughly convinced that my 19 yr old was diagnosed w MS last summer because she had Mono the year before. Otherwise she was a 100% healthy, ‘normal’, active, high achieving kid with ZERO family history of any auto immune diseases. As soon as she was diagnosed I did the research. There is tons of it out there. I mean….great. It’s great and all that ‘they’ found ANOTHER link….but what is that now! 294,728 … ONE?
    Do something with the already held knowledge that there IS a significant connection between EBV and MS.

  32. Abigail Speelman says:

    I have had MS for 17 years. About 6 or 7 years ago my sister was hospitalized with Barr Epstein. I was curious if there was any connection and I now have my answer. Thank you!!

  33. michelle l novak says:

    Funny how they never look into the food we eat and the massive inflamation coming from iodine and omega 3 deficiency. But i guess theres no money in that.

    • Ed Tobias says:

      Hi Michelle,

      I think the food we eat has become a much greater focus of MS research over the past several years, particularly involving microbes in the gut. There are several articles on this website about it.


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