Phew, What a Scorcher

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Phew, what a scorcher.

The summer of 1976 was the last time it was this hot in the United Kingdom.

My lasting memory of that summer was not lazing on a beach, but sweltering as a relief manager in an “off-licence,” which is a liquor store. I probably sold lots of beer, but what I really remember is stacking crates and crates of R. Whites Lemonade. They were heavy wooden crates, too. Supermarkets hadn’t taken over the trade in those days, and we used to be amazingly ecological. The bottles were all glass and returnable.

Like Sisyphus, lemonade became my boulder. (In Greek mythology, Sisyphus was a king who was punished by having to push a boulder up a hill every day, only for it to roll back down again at night.) The greatest summer the U.K. ever had was, for me, an endless chain of lemonade bottles.

This summer, with MS, I’ve been driven out of my first-floor bedroom. Since my recent relapse, I’ve been mostly trapped in it. With a severe effort (and often help) I can still just about make it up and down the basement stairs. It’s so exhausting that I only do this occasionally. But in the last few weeks, I’ve had little choice but to do it daily. A fan just doesn’t cut it.

We’re getting the sort of weather that holidays are made of. It’s mid-70s Fahrenheit this week, which is a relief. Usually, that’s the best we ever get.

Whether or not you believe climate change is happening, heat is driving me to the cooler downstairs of my house.

The weather reports are forecasting more highs this weekend, and the heat wave should set until August.

Something is up — I didn’t see one rain delay at the recent Wimbledon Tennis Championships.


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Its the same here in Vancouver Canada. One thing you need to do is get yourself an aircondtioner and stick it in a room that is comfortable for you to spend all day in and that has a door and window to it. Stick the hose end out the window to exhaust the hot air and fire it up. Applying cold to the back of your neck and forehead also helps a bit too. Tis one way to survive the hot weather unless you want to go to a store or a mall that has airconditioning in it.
You might want to look up online the research on MAP Infection and MS. There is a link between what is happening in the gut of Crohns Disease sufferers and MS. The bowel has the most nerves in it next to the brain and spinal cord and the 2 are connected to each other by the vagus nerve. Any bacterium in the intestines could travel to the brain along that route.

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WOW!!! I pray for 75- degree weather!! we have been in the upper 90's and over 100 degrees plenty this year already .. a couple of weeks ago it was 118 !!I feel like I am dying as my symptoms have exacerbated and OMG the fatigue. But if your not used to it any increase is difficult for sure but the humidity levels are the worst and you currently have very bad numbers for humidty !!! yikes 90 or more percentage!! .. about 55 years ago my family lived in England I didn't pay much attention to the weather then but I know we enjoyed it.. funny how our circumstances have changed and the weather is forefront now in our thoughts and dictate our daily plans. I hope you find relief. Peace XOXO

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Carlin Tools

Oh BOY summers with MS can be wicked and I moved to Dallas a few years back not knowing it was sister to Phoenix. EVERYDAY this week has been 100+. I'm from Chicago so this has never been seen by me especially since noon is the hottest point of the day there. It's now a quarter to 7pm and 107 outside. REALLY? Thank god for central air and a pool otherwise I feel like a Hermit stuck in the house. God bless all MS patients who have to deal with this heat.

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Denice Hodgson

Trapped in one air-conditioned room. Living in Philadelphia having the worst MS Summer to date. My body is getting older and the heat strips my abilities to maneuver my limbs and collect my thoughts. My proclivity towards producing rivers of sweat has hit an all time high. Lately it streams from my forehead straight into my eyes creating a burning, blurry situation. As a maturing woman I am also suffering from an additional ailment, the ever popular “personal summer”. Using about a roll of paper towels a day for blotting. I invented a Brawny (best brand for durability) Towel Nightgown for those steamy summer evenings.
Praying for cooler weather, an end to Global warming and better health coverage for all!
Hot in Pennsylvania

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Anne Roy

I am a Canadian accustomed to +40c in the summers as well as -40c in the winters but I moved to England 22 years ago, got my MS dx so the summer here this year is foul ... I am still walking everywhere but totter & so fearful of falling I tense my 'good' leg which causes pain ... never mind that I work all day in an office with NO air con (NHS hospital)... just wanted to whine ... thanks for reading!

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I have PPMS, and am on Ocrevus. I have had my 1st 2 1/2 doses in Sept.`17, and my first full infusion March `18. Along with pain alleviation I am also able to sweat again. I am now able to tolerate heat better and not be so fatigued after being in the heat. This was not a benefit listed for Ocrevus, but I am very happy to have it added.

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“ I am SO THANKFUL for living in these days with A/C” are the exact words I’ve said over the last week - as an unprecedented heat wave here in North Texas (Dallas) has parked itself. Yesterday the high was 111 degrees F.. No wonder I love Texas winters!
IF I am going to be out in the heat, in my air conditioned car - I try my best to be out in the morning. I’ve got “cooling towels” on hand and of course my XL Yeti tumbler filled to the brim with ice and water. Worst case scenario, I can always dump the ice water on my head.


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