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In 1982 John Connor was a stand up, sketch writer & journalist - 'Crap at all three he decided whilst watching a man performing with a paper bag on his head that as nobody else was going to write about stand up he would'. 'Comics: A Decade of Comedy at the Assembly Rooms' by John Connor. Papermac 1990. In 2009 John Connor was diagnosed with MS. In 2020 John Connor stopped producing & directing his own devised live 30 year old resident topical comedy show at London's Comedy Store - 'The Edge'. Ironically destroyed by the biggest news story to hit the world since 1939! He was also a UK TV Casting Director specializing in comedy - including one of the hippest shows 'Black Books' [double BAFTA winning Situation Comedy Award] & for at least a decade the biggest sitcom on British TV 'My Family'. TV & MS was a step too far - and we know how hard any step can be. Now he can't even manage a step! John also writes "Fall Down Get Up Again" - an irreverent journey with MS for Multiple Sclerosis News Today. And is now the Co-Moderator of MSNT's MS Forum.