Here’s What Happened in My First Hypnotherapy Session

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by Jessie Ace |

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I recently wrote about my decision to try hypnotherapy. I’d been feeling out of control over my mental state following a multiple sclerosis flare. I finally admitted that I needed help. 

I had an initial phone consultation with my hypnotherapist to see if he could “fix” me. Then, we booked our first session. 

I wasn’t sure what to expect, as I’d never done hypnotherapy before, but the session was excellent.

First, we spoke about what’s going well despite having weakness and numbness in my body. The hypnotherapist seemed to draw information out of me, then cleverly reframe what I’d said in a positive way. 

He asked me what I wanted, and what action I could take to get me closer to that goal. I said the one action I could take would be collecting email addresses for illustration agencies so that I could reach out to them in a week. I’d been putting that off for so long. 

After the speaking part of our session, he began the hypnosis and told me to relax as he softly guided me into it. Inside, I was freaking out that I would start drooling, my nose would keep running, or my wheeled office chair would start sliding across the wooden floor. 

The hypnotherapist continued, speaking directly to my subconscious brain. He asked my subconscious to stop putting up defensive blocks as a way of protecting me, because I didn’t need them. 

I’ve never cried as much as I did during that hypnosis.

Afterward, I came out of the trance and felt strange. It was like the feeling you get when you have so much on your mind that everything feels stuck and confusing.

The day after the session, however, I woke up feeling incredible, like nothing could stop me. It was the strongest I’ve felt in weeks emotionally. 

Throughout the following week, I collected agents’ emails. I decided to email them, because I figured it would take a long time for them to get back to me. 

As soon as I started typing the emails, the doubts in my head went crazy. “I can’t do this; I’m not good enough. I’ll lose feeling in my hands and disappoint everyone. I’m too ill.” The doubts threw themselves around in my mind. 

Trying my hardest to ignore my fears, because I knew I had to, I pressed send, crying the whole time. Afterward, I felt accomplished, and continued with another project I was working on. The doubts slowly fluttered away as I forgot I’d even reached out. 

Over that week, I grew stronger and stronger emotionally. Business ideas started flickering in my brain again, which hadn’t happened in a long time.

Before having hypnotherapy, I felt broken. I kept changing my mind about what I wanted in life because the path to get there wasn’t clear. It was exhausting to have no clarity on which route I should take.

My hypnotherapist gave me a recording to listen to daily. It’s supposed to help reduce my stress and anxiety, and boost my confidence. I love it and have made it a part of my morning routine. 

Have you ever felt lost, like you didn’t know what to do in life? How did you manage it? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.


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Jody Perkins avatar

Jody Perkins

Thanks Jessie!

I've considered hypnotherapy once or twice before; but always backed off because I have a hard time finding the right words to express myself
-especially when I'm nervous. I can imagine crying alot, too!

Jessie Ace avatar

Jessie Ace

I felt very similar. Hypnotherapists see no end of people and expect you to be nervous and anxious - that's why you're going to see them! Find a hypnotherapist who listens, and understands you. Let me know if you give it a try :) #StayENabled - Jessie

Leanne Broughton avatar

Leanne Broughton

Hmmm. Do you think hypnotherapy works for better pain control?

Jessie Ace avatar

Jessie Ace

I'm not sure, this article suggests it's possible if that helps?

Patricia Williams avatar

Patricia Williams

Wow I feel the same way just the other day I asked God why was I hear. I'm useless. I had lost my work keys could not begin to remember the last place I had them. Someone turned them in the next say so that was a stressor left off. It seems like all I do is work there is no life because I am afraid of getting sick somewhere that is no safe.

Jessie Ace avatar

Jessie Ace

Patricia! Take a deep breath. Squeeze your thumb and middle finger together, concentrate on it, feel the pulse, the power, the energy that is inside you. You are brave, strong, and can handle anything. I understand what you mean about potentially doing too much - I felt the same about running. I learned to just try doing it anyway and find what is too much because you don't know where that line is until you cross it. Hope it comes together for you soon #StayENabled - Jessie


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