Naturopathic Approach Has Made Gains in Quest to Lose Weight

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by Debi Wilson |

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Faith of the Mustard Seed
For many years I have been fighting the battle of the bulge while trying to decipher and combat many food intolerances. Every year I seem to come up short in the battle with losing weight, but I continue to try to shed the pounds.

There are many challenges with losing weight. The fact that I have multiple sclerosis just adds to the struggle. MS can cause movements to be difficult, and it also can cause extreme fatigue. So, any exercise I do is at a snail’s pace and for a limited duration. I continue to exercise and do all I can, but it is not a fast calorie-burner for me.

Even before being officially diagnosed with MS, I can remember having weight issues and stomach problems. I assumed all of my difficulties were due to nerves, stress, depression and the fact that I had my gallbladder removed many years ago. Even though those things do contribute to bloating and digestive discomfort, I knew there had to be more to it.

You would think that the first place I would look for answers would be the food I was eating. Yet, I never would make the connection mentally between what I would put in my mouth and its affects on how I looked and felt.

Eventually, my symptoms led me to a naturopathic doctor. It was there that my eyes were opened to the world of food intolerances. The doctor ran tests to see if any foods ranked as an intolerance for me. Gluten and dairy were high on the list; they were sabotaging my digestion and my weight loss attempts.

What I have learned is that losing weight is a vicious cycle, especially when you have MS. The circle starts with an imbalance in the digestive tract, and if you also have food sensitivities each problem can lead to inflammation. which then leads to weight gain, joint pain, and many other issues.

For my digestive tract imbalance I use the probiotic Culturelle because it is gluten-free and dairy free. For tracking food intolerances, I journal what I eat and document changes. This way I can eliminate whatever foods are causing me issues.

I am finally losing weight by avoiding the foods that bother me (even if they are my favorites.) I had trouble with willpower before, but now I am just so tired of always getting sick!

Now, I don’t consider it a plan to lose weight. Instead, I call it the “I don’t want to get sick” plan!

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Please keep in mind that as of today's date, the only thing that can diagnose a food intolerance is elimination of the problem food. A positive IgG blood test indicates exposure to a food, not an intolerance. My son has several life threatening IgE food allergies. Please always see a board certified general practitioner and have the blood tests for celiac's disease BEFORE going off gluten.

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Debi Wilson

Great advice, Thank-you Mary!

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I have thyroid issues and symptoms concurent with MS and severe GI motility and SIBO symptoms. You may not be allergic to gluten but can be gluten sensitive. I have spent considerable time looking to resolve autoimmune issues in general. Looking at the toxic and other modified food sources etc, the incidences of autoimmune diseases appear to be on the rise. They reccomend removing the trigers. And i agree elimination diet appropriate avenue. All the literature advised to do so and the dietian took me off gluten, dairy or lactose free diary, soy (which I never did ) and gasp sugar. God in his infinite goodness still has an i finite variety of nutritious foods to chose from. Although my symptoms have not resolved completely, they are better. Using a paleo modified for FOD MAP diet. Need to determine micronutient or if malabsorption of some essential nutrient. Working on this as well as getting a more complete evaluation of my thyroid hormones. Took a while getting used to diet (make own bone broth, etc)but seeing results is encouraging. I note that the constipation has pleasantly resolved even though previous diet had significant fruits and vegetables, and energy levels more consistent and sleep a little better. Since your gut microbiome is part of your "second brain", hoping a more intact brain leads to better health. It does take work finding someone to help you outside of conventional medicine.
Buon apettite

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Debi Wilson

Thank-you Bonnie, good information!


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