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5 Benefits of Having a Pet When You Have Multiple Sclerosis


As part of MS Awareness Month, we’re looking at different aspects of living with multiple sclerosis and some of the things patients can do to enrich their lives.

One thing that comes up time and time again is having a pet. There are many reasons why pets are good for both physical and mental well-being, and we’ve listed some of them using information from MS New Outlook and


The number one reason for having a pet is for companionship. OK, so unless you have a particularly talkative parrot or budgerigar the conversation may only be one way, but having a pet in your life will help fend off loneliness and boredom. Cats and dogs often seem to have a sixth sense when their owners are unwell and will sit quietly by their side keeping them company.

Reduces Stress 

Petting cats and dogs has been documented to help reduce stress and boost mood. If it’s not practical to keep a dog or cat in your home, take the time to visit friends or relatives who have pets. You can also volunteer at a local shelter for a few hours so you can give some love to homeless cats and dogs. Staring at pretty aquarium fish or even watching pet birds can have an equally calming effect, helping you to unwind.

Find out how you can help during MS Awareness Month.

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  1. Nicole Novi says:

    I just adopted a kitten and so far everything is going well except that i’m experiencing some brain fog and my body temperature is always high, making me hot all the time, and therefore I need to keep my air conditioning on. However, my kitten needs to stay warm and i’m worried my house will be too chilly for her. How can I find a balance here?

  2. Suzanne says:

    Buy an electric blanket for your cat.Dont use it as a blanket. Just put the blanket on your sofa and bed so your cat can lay on the warmth. You can even buy timers. Set it to turn on 1x per hr for 15mins. Hope this helps

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