The Drugs Do Work … Better Than My Right Hand

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Last weekend a mother brought 4,000£ ($5,200 U.S.) of medicinal cannabis from Holland into the U.K. for her daughter with severe epilepsy. It was confiscated by customs.

Last year medicinal cannabis was partially legalized in the U.K. when a similar incident happened. Doctors can now issue prescriptions. But they hardly do. As the BBC news piece states, “While it is legal in the U.K. for specialist doctors to prescribe THC, in general they will not because they say there is a lack of evidence that it’s safe and effective. The government says it has asked for new guidelines to be drawn up for doctors, and is encouraging further clinical research.”

I’ve not heard on the U.K. MS grapevine of any of us getting such a script. I suppose I should have started by raising the issue with my neurologist. But there were other things to talk about, and I thought I’d let things shake out a bit.

Also, I’m more than aware of how long it takes for the ship of government to change policy. In the U.K. gay marriage is now legal — it was only in 1967 that homosexuality was decriminalized. Though that part of the ship has floundered in Northern Ireland, where the Democratic Unionist Party have said their endless “No” to gay marriage. They have a veto as part of the Good Friday Agreement. They’re also part of the reason Brexit is on the rocks. They love a “No.”

The drugs debate is long and complex — if you are against, then I doubt you’ve read this far, and if you’re for, well, we agree. Now, though, it’s more than personal freedom, economically sensible, or for just having a good time. It actually makes my struggling body work better.

First, a confession. I could never roll a spliff. That and ironing always defeated me. With the way my right hand works, no chance. And I also detest smoking — well, not if it’s a good Havana.

So a while back, I sussed how to make a Wacky Baccy Milkshake. But it’s a lot of faffing about and also something that is now beyond me physically anyway. Getting the dose right is also impossible — either nothing or I end up as a zombie (watch out: the munchies will mean I’ll eat anything).

Then a month ago, something life-changing came my way: I got my hands on a high-grade cannabis/CBD oil for cancer patients. I started carefully at first, then found that I could imbibe a couple of drops every night in cocoa (which may also be good for fatigue). Any being stoned problems happened when I was asleep. And I really slept.

I’ve got it wrong a few times — once spending three hours contemplating life in the bathroom. I don’t get out much!

I’m writing about it now because it’s nearly run out — indeed by the time this is published, it probably will have. I’m not worried about a conviction —  it’s the losing control of my right hand.



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Im so sorry that you don't have safe access to the medicine you need. I live in the U.S and im very grateful to have cannabis, not only does it relax my muscles but it helps with tremors, sleep and even swelling. I hope someday everyone can have the same safe access to this medicine.

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Kathrine Kruse

Hi Tina; Can you get a prescription from a doctor in the U.S?

madeline newton avatar

madeline newton

i sure hope they start listening to you before you loose all of the use of your right hand that is terrible to loose any use of any part of the body that can be stopped ...the disease is terrible and to loose the use of any part is even worse sorry sure hope you get some very needed help for this and any other problems ...good luck and my prayers are strong for you to get much needed and happiness ..

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I live in Virginia and medical marijuana is not available. My Neuro won’t even consider marinol, which is a shame since my sister-in-law with MS benefits significantly from its use. We are very narrow minded in the USA about non pharma treatment.

Ruth avatar


I’ve just ordered CBD oil capsules - am anxious to try it. It’s legal here in Washington state. Sorry it’s taken so long to legalize marijuana in so many places.

Peggy Wills avatar

Peggy Wills

I'm right there with you...yeah some of our US states have approved but here in the state of GA...makes no my neuro said no problem writing script but can't get it and can't bring over state why bother? Just hopeful my right hand arm doesn't give up...


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