31 Days of MS: I do my best to remain positive

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Day 28 of 31

This is Lucinda Howard’s story:

I was in the first few months of my first “adult” job when I suddenly felt numbness and tingling on my skin from my ribs down to my feet and in my hands. I went to a local doctor, and he told me it was likely anxiety that I was feeling.

I was about to jump on a plane to see my best friend who was in India for the holidays. My numbness spread and I became very weak from pain. Being a former Division 1 athlete, I have always pushed through pain. The night before my flight, my uncle convinced me to go to another doctor. So, I drove to my hometown to visit the emergency room.

The pain continued and the weakness progressed. After many lab tests, including a CT scan, an MRI, and a spinal tap, the doctor walked in the room and said “you have multiple sclerosis.”

I will never forget this moment. The fear. The shock. I always considered myself healthy and active. I was diagnosed with MS in December 2019 at age 25.

But this diagnosis has not been a death sentence. Life can always be worse; it can always be better. I am currently on Ocrevus where I get two infusions a year. I have good days and bad days but do my best to remain positive. The fear of the unknown can be haunting.

The diagnosis of MS changed my life. I decided I wanted to become a nurse, so I applied and am currently a nursing student. I decided that when given an opportunity to travel and explore, I will take it, so I travel and go on epic backpacking and hiking adventures when I can.

I absolutely love climbing mountains and doing insane hikes. Why? Because the hike is like the process of life. It is grueling yet beautiful, painful yet alleviating, and challenging yet rewarding. You may fail, but you may also succeed. I will continue to climb this mountain called life with MS!

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