Repairing the Cracks in My Foundation

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“Sweep around your own front door before you try to sweep around mine.”

These lyrics are from a spiritual song on my playlist. They’ve challenged me to assess myself while simultaneously liberating me from the judgment of others. Life happens on its own terms, and the only assurance we have is that everything changes.

My journey through the valley prompted me to address uncomfortable truths. I discovered cracks in my foundation that necessitate immediate repair and healing. The intent of this week’s column is to encourage you to tend to the areas of your life that require attention.

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The most toilsome feat is to confess, confront, and conquer one’s foibles. It is far easier to see character flaws in others. As I age, grow wiser, and do my conscious work, I realize that those who look out seldom look in. Anyone who is earnestly doing their internal work has little time to focus on anything or anyone outside themselves.

I was taught to treat people the way I want to be treated, refrain from judgment, be humble, and give thanks for my many blessings. There were times in life when I was true to the instruction and values of my upbringing, and there were occurrences when I was disobedient. Instances when cracks allowed harmful, unwanted intruders such as anger, fear, grudges, pride, worry, and complacency into my dwelling.

As I courageously endure the most devastating season of my life thus far, my tenacity, fortitude, and endurance are being challenged. Multiple sclerosis, heart disease, and loss attempt to deplete my physical health and spiritual reservoir. I am a student of life on a quest to learn and impart lessons. I fall down to rise again, occasionally going in and out of alignment. Indubitably, my voyage always leads back to the core of my authentic self, where love, resilience, forgiveness, grace, and surrender abide. Healing is here.

Comprehending that life can depart instantaneously, and the world as we know it is one tragedy or pandemic away from an entirely different existence, is sobering. This realization prompted me to cement the cracks in my foundation.

Time is an irretrievable asset, and it is ever running. Time is crafty, and it often deceives us into thinking that we have more of it. We become content until we are reminded who gets the last word. Whether I am blessed to see one more hour, one more day, or years to come, eventually my time will expire. The sand in the hourglass will settle, and the storm will calm. I don’t want the sun to set on my wrath or sorrow. My desire is to live openly, graciously, and lovingly.

In closing, as I endeavor to repair the cracks in my foundation, I reconcile that the framework has already been set. In my reach are the tools needed to live according to my purpose. With attention, intention, and maintenance, I will become the best version of myself. I know who holds my tomorrow, even though tomorrow is not promised to me. Be well and seek gratitude. Repair the cracks in your foundation.

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Sonja Holland


You have found the meaning of your existence. I am a 25 year MS survivor. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!!!! Stand fast in your MS world.


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