Cleaning Out My Closet and Letting Go of Clutter Makes Space for Healing

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I have too much stuff! Why is this relevant? By the end of this column, I hope that you will comprehend my message.

For the past few weeks, I have been cleaning out my closets. I hadn’t realized how many items I had collected over the years. As I go through my belongings, separating them into bags for donation, distribution, and the trash, I feel overwhelmed. I want to hold onto some things for sentimental reasons and their attachment to special memories.

Sometimes merely looking at all of the stuff makes me exhausted because I lack energy and desire to complete the task. I took some time out the other day for soul-searching. And what I realized during my quiet time came as a surprise. I discovered that if there were a mirror inside my heart and mind, it would resemble my closets with its reflection of clutter.

So, I’ve decided to explain in this column what it truly means to let go.

On some days, I feel completely overwhelmed. My levels of anxiety and discomfort rise. I have been going through an uncomfortable transition in my life over the past few months. Particular situations have exposed people in my life, and loyalty and perspectives have been questioned and compromised. I have examined my innermost thoughts to determine if I am responsible for my discomfort and indecisiveness.

Our actions often display what we think, feel, and believe about ourselves. It became clear to me that as well as having too many objects in the physical world, my heart was housing more than it should. I was allowing my mind to become overcrowded by overextending myself at the expense of my peace and sanity. I was letting the wrong people into my personal space and participating in menial dialogue and situations that were counteractive to the patiently awakened life to which I aspire.

As I continue my quest to clean out my closet, I am experiencing an internal transition. My heart and soul are being purged simultaneously. Multiple sclerosis and chronic pain compromise my tolerance. My time is an asset that must be carefully conserved.

Although I have been guilty of acquiring an excessive number of items, my sanity is not for sale. Chronic illness presents situations that are beyond our control. It is imperative to realize that we determine who and what we invite into our lives. At times we are distracted by the noise that drowns out the voice of intuition. When our hearts and minds are occupied with unnecessary clutter, we don’t have space to receive unexpected blessings or learn the lessons of our journey.

Why am I holding onto things that need to be released? Why am I allowing things and people to have control over my life? Irrelevant issues and people consuming my time are detrimental to my overall health. I recognize that maintenance of my well-being is my responsibility.

Chronic illness and advocacy invite many people and opportunities into your life. But not all of these are genuine or should be considered to be positive. How are you protecting your space while making time for the things that matter the most?

Cleaning out my closet has led to another aha! moment. Clutter confuses and makes clarity elusive. I have learned that my heart needs an intensive cleansing. If this column resonates with you, take your time and what you need, make room for the necessary, don’t forget the extraordinary, and remember that letting go often leads to a new beginning. Healing is an inside job.

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I am in the process of minimising people i allow into my life. So true wot u say abot genuine people or people who just call when bored. I just can't av people droppin in on me anymore as i plan my days if fit 2do a bit of cleanin & then have 2 lie flat on bed. Hard 2 revolve life around ur neds @ times. Positivity is best medicine I believe xx

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What a truly inspirational heart felt message! I feel very much the same way. Thank you for your post, and may blessings abound!

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Judith Kerfoot

Great article. I began whittling down my belonging about 8 years ago when I could feel myself failing. When you don't feel the best clutter and non genuine people waste our precious time. Thanks for sharing your story which I'm sure many can relate to.


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