complement system

Complement protein activation is linked to more severe MS

Complement proteins, especially when activated in the brain and spinal cord, may contribute to nerve cell damage and more severe multiple sclerosis (MS) symptoms, a study that offers insights into a possible therapeutic target suggests. The study, “Complement Activation Is Associated With Disease Severity in Multiple Sclerosis,” was…

Progressive MS Projects Earn Research Challenge Awards

The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada has granted its International Progressive MS Alliance (Alliance) Research Challenge Awards to 19 researchers for their work on progressive forms of multiple sclerosis (MS). Among them is Jennifer Gommerman, PhD, a professor at the University of Toronto, in Canada, who will use…

MS Progression May Be Tied to Workings of Immune Complement System in Brain Lesions

The complement system, a part of our non-adaptable (innate) immune defenses, is activated in lesions inside the brain’s gray matter and may well contribute to the relentless progression of multiple sclerosis (MS), researchers report. The findings offer new insights into mechanisms driving the development of this disease — particularly its primary progressive forms.