This Week, MS Takes a Back Seat

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by John Connor |

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The vagaries of multiple sclerosis are always present, but this week, my waking hours have been consumed by something far more important.

I say waking hours, but we have to discount much of that time, because I’m put to bed at the early hour of 10 p.m. and spend several hours during the day doing various ablutions. Thankfully, it only takes my carers 45 minutes to do the most difficult bits. Putting on my lymphedema wraps is akin to the early stages of Tony Stark putting on his Iron Man suit in the original film.

So, what has dragged me away (being dragged is one of my few forms of movement!) from worrying about my condition? Yes, it’s a computer problem. Because my computer is like an appendage that connects me to the world, it feels like yet another part of me is having issues.

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A smartphone alone doesn’t quite cut it for me, as I can’t write on it. I’m old-fashioned — a keyboard calms me. It’s a disaster when a gremlin attacks. No, I haven’t downloaded anything dodgy. It’s just an update that has driven me to Distraction (one of those sci-fi trope towns that once entered, you can never leave again).

After a week of trying every solution, I thought I had solved the puzzle. And I had — for 24 hours. But like the TV show “24,” there’s always a twist that keeps the series going. In my case, I had a very self-satisfied day, but then the issue returned.

I have no idea if I will even be able to upload this column. Hopefully, I’ve steered clear of breaking our editorial code. Whether I’ve written an interesting enough column is another thing!

My point is that however annoying this gremlin may be, it has pushed MS into a parking bay in my mind. Luckily, I have a Blue Badge. Thankfully, I suffer no pain. I would if I didn’t stop every eight hours to consume a copious amount of pills. I’m blaming that on my weight gain.

I certainly haven’t spilled any water on the gremlin in my laptop. Instead of causing it to reproduce, that would most definitely kill it.

That reminds me: Once, when my wife, Jane, and I were running a very busy office, I did exactly that. It was years before a sclerosis finally struck me down. At this point, I’d normally cite the relevant column. But an hour later, I’ve given up. There are too many columns, and my laptop is running very slowly — just like the trade unions in the bad-good (or was it the good-bad?) old days.

The early signs of MS were there. I just hadn’t become a hypochondriac yet!


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Wendy Hovey

I saw the lead about "takes a back seat..." and I thought "Oh no, not Andrew!" I am cheered to discover that your gremlin-inhabited computer is the culprit. When I was still working my inciteful admin. assistant used to describe my computer as "slower than pond scum." Not that pond, the one outside my office.


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