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7 Marathons on 7 Continents for MS Runner

Tripping, falling and bloody knees. Been there. Done that. (Who with MS hasn’t)? But this wasn’t me. This was Cheryl Hile and it was happening to her as she was running a half marathon in Carlsbad, California. Cheryl had been running marathons for half a dozen years when, in…

Have a Say About MS Drugs

Anyone with a chronic medical problem knows how expensive drugs can be, and how a drug that you need can be here today … gone tomorrow on the list of drugs that your health plan will pay for. You also know that cost and insurance coverage aren’t the only…

Take Your MS for a Swim

I love the water.  Good thing, since I live at the beach. Being in a swimming pool is also good therapy for my MS. It strengthens my core and arms and, when I do a little pool walking, my legs feel a bit stronger.  But, I’ve never done any…

Doc Leaves MS Patient ‘Horrified’ … and Me Too!

The other day I received a very troubling direct message from someone on another Multiple Sclerosis website: “I was diagnosed with MS in 2004 but, foolishly, dismissed it. Other than bad spacisity [spasticity] and a few little episodes, I was relatively symptom free. That is until…

Multiple Sclerosis Fatigue: Puzzling over the Jigsaw

Feeling tired?  No surprise there.  Fatigue is as much a part of living with Multiple Sclerosis as sand is a part of the beach where I live. It’s interesting, then, that neurologists seem to have no good system for measuring levels of MS fatigue or any treatments that are…

An MS Advocate for Those Who Really Need One

You probably haven’t heard of Edward Dowd. I hadn’t until I read about him in the latest issue of the National MS Society’s magazine, Momentum. I learned that Ed is a big-time landlord. The company he founded operates about a thousand rental apartments in the San Francisco area.

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